Jam Jar Movies return to Paisley!

New ‘Pop Up’ Cinema with BIG Community Focus

Paisley Community Trust, a local community Charity established in 2014 are bringing regular movie
screenings back to Paisley town centre for the first time since the Kelburn Cinema closed in 1997.
However, the price of entry dates back to the 1930s and 40s when local Paisley kids would exchange an empty
Jam or ‘jeelie’ jar for a penny ticket into the matinees in cinemas of yesteryear like The Picture house, La Scala
and the Astoria Cinema in Paisley, affectionately known as ‘The Bug Hut’.

The new movie initiative will be called ‘JAM JAR MOVIES’ and will ‘POP UP’ across the town at different times
of the year around special events and locations. Paisley Community Trust have teamed up with The Star
Project, an award-winning community organisation that delivers long lasting positive social outcomes for
communities in Renfrewshire. The price of entry will be a donation to The Star Projects Community Fridge and
Pantry in the form of an unopened Jar of Jam or food parcel donation along with a small financial donation to
cover project costs.

This news follows the announcement that Paisley Community Trust have been awarded a FILM LICENSE
EXEMPTION CERTIFICATE by the Scottish Government, allowing PCT to screen films in the town for our

“Paisley Community Trust are passionate about building movie going audiences in Paisley. We are also
passionate about Paisley’s rich cultural heritage in Cinema. In coming up with JAM JAR MOVIES, we wanted to
make movie going as accessible to Paisley communities as we could. We also wanted to support the great work
of the Star Project and the answer was in Paisley cinematic past – a ‘jeelie’ jar for a ticket! A huge thanks goes
to PAISLEY FIRST and Film Hub Scotland who are supporting the project.” Commented Gary Kerr, Chair of
Paisley Community Trust

The initiative has been backed by Paisley town centre’s Business Improvement District, Paisley First, funded by
local traders to provide business support and help drive footfall to the town.

Chair of Paisley First, Colette Cardosi, said: “We are always keen to back initiatives which attract people into
Paisley town centre and are happy to sponsor Paisley Community Trust to help deliver their very first movie
pop up. We support the idea of having movies regularly shown in the town and having the entry charge as a
donation to the Star Projects Community Fridge and Pantry is a wonderful idea.”

Sharon McAuley, Chief Exec of the Star project said “We are delighted to be working in partnership with Paisley
Community Trust for their Halloween Jam Jar Movies. These town centre screenings will bring the community
together for some spooktacular fun entertainment while helping tackle food insecurity. Rather than bringing an
empty jam jar as an entry fee, like the old days, we’re asking people to bring a filled jar (or a tin or a packet of
something) as part of their entry fee. These contributions will go towards our dignified free food provision
which supports thousands of families in Renfrewshire each year. We are so looking forward to this! Jam Jar
Movies is a great concept and one we hope will continue to develop. Donations of food for our Community
Fridge and pantry are dwindling as more and more people struggle with increasing costs. This is a really
creative way of boosting donations in exchange for a fun and entertaining experience. What’s not to love.”

The project is also being Supported by Film Hub Scotland, part of the BFI’s Film Audience Network, and funded
by Screen Scotland and National Lottery funding from the BFI. “At Film Hub Scotland we want more people in
every part of Scotland to see a wide range of cinema and we are delighted to support Paisley Community Trust
and their ‘Jam Jar Movie’ screenings this Halloween.” Commented Hanne Wyllie, Knowledge & Network

The first ‘pop up’ JAM JAR MOVIES will take place on Saturday 29th October during Paisley’s annual Halloween
Festival. Movie screenings will take place at The Wynd Centre. There will be a Family movie showing at 4pm to
6pm and for those looking for something scarier, there will be a classic Halloween movie showing at 8pm –
10pm. All film details and ticket information will be available on Friday 14th October 2022 from Paisley
Community Trust.

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