Paisley’s incredible built heritage is fundamental to what makes it such a beautiful place. With such an impressive legacy, we feel a need and responsibility to work towards its safeguarding for future generations to enjoy.


Built Heritage Group

Our newly formed built heritage group is focused on the safeguarding of built heritage in Paisley. With a focus on community we aim to raise awareness, educate, and actively work with buildings at risk to preserve them for future generations. 

Currently we are in the early stages of our shaping as a group and soon we will be looking to take the next steps in our first project.

Watch this space!


We aim to work with a number of organisations and charities including, the local authority, charitable developers, housing associations, and community groups. 

Our keys aims are to:

  • identify space needs
  • work collaboratively
  • engage in the planning process
  • chase funding
  • educate & create