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The Paisley Community Trust Question of the Week is a way for us to gauge community opinion on topical issues around Paisley. This will help us to develop relevant discussions and drive decision making as a community!  See below to find the question for this week.

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Week 7 – February 3rd 2021

Paisley Green Space 

Dunn Square was created in the late 19th century as a ‘quiet retreat for the working people to rest and enjoy the pure air’.  

The area around the Abbey and Town Hall was also cleared shortly after to create green space in the town centre. 

Part of the future town centre vision is to have a town centre that the community value, that they can enjoy and have a desire to protect with a drive to enhance the town centre environment 

Should Paisley have more community green spaces around the town centre?
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Week 6 – February 24th 2021

Paisley High Street

Towns and town centres are for the wellbeing of people, planet, and economy. The Paisley High Street was pedestrianised in 1997 and 20 years later partially reopened to traffic between 6:30pm and 6:30am. The aim was to bring more residents and visitors into the town centre. But did it work? Should we consider opening the High Street again with no time constraints but only open to environmentally friendly vehicles? 

Should Paisley High Street be reopened to environmentally friendly traffic?
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Week 5 – February 17th 2021

Paisley Traders market

Throughout the year, up to 30 producers bring their amazing array of produce to Paisley Town Centre and is seen as a community market. 

However, what Paisley Community Trust have been discovering over the last year is that we have so much to offer to the community. Paisley and wider Renfrewshire produced an amazing amount of products, food, art, crafts and much more. Our Question of the Week is…

Would a regular Paisley/Renfrewshire traders market be a worthwhile investment and attraction to our town centre?
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Week 4 – February 10th 2021

Pictured below is Barshaw Park Bandstand in 1935. It was demolished in the mid 60’s due to being wrecked by vandals then it was replaced sometime later by the mini Zoo which has now gone as well.

Would you like to see the Barshaw Bandstand brought back to bring music and arts events back to Paisley?
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Week 3 – February 3rd 2021

This week’s question asks about your shopping habits and if COVID has put a new perspective on things for you. Online shopping has increased dramatically in recent years but many people still prefer the ‘in-person’ shopping experience. 

After lockdown, will you be more likely to shop locally in Paisley?

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Week 2 – January 27th 2021

This week’s question is a big ‘what if?’ We’re interested to hear your thoughts on the Piazza. Love it or loath it, it has served Paisley shoppers for over 50 years and sits prominently in the town centre. Has it served its useful life as a shopping centre or does it make up an integral part of the town centre? We want to hear your thoughts.

Should the Paisley Piazza Shopping Centre be demolished to open up for development of the riverside?
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Week 1 – January 20th 2021

This week’s question relates to the former Chivas Regal site on Renfrew Road, now in public ownership. The council recently revealed plans for partial demolition of the site. This potentially includes the iconic main office building which fronts Renfrew Road. 

Should the former Chivas Building on Renfrew Road be demolished to make way for new development on the site?

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