Question of the Week

Results for previous weeks


Week 20 – June 16th 2021

As we reach the end of another school term, whilst College and University options in the town are good, are there enough Job Opportunities in the area for our young people who are looking to go into employment?
Yes 15%
No 85%


Week 19 – June 9th 2021

Should Glasgow International Airport be renamed Paisley International Airport?
Yes 53%
No 47%


Week 18 – June 2nd 2021

Would you support the installation of a zip wire in Barshaw Park, running from the top of the hill to the pond?
Yes 80%
No 20%


Week 17 – May 26th 2021

Is Paisley Town Centre a desirable place to live?
Responses: 68
Yes 69%
No 31%


Week 16 – May 19th 2021

Does Paisley have what it takes to be a top Scottish tourist destination?
Responses: 54
Yes 63%
No 37%


Week 15 – April 28th 2021

Scottish Parliament elections will be held on Thursday 6th May 2021. You will have one vote and can choose from five parties. Which one will you vote for?
SNP 78%
Labour 13%
Conservative 4%
Green 3%
Liberal Democrats 2%


Week 14 – April 21st 2021

Given Marks & Spencer’s closure of the High Street store and the opening of their Food Hall in Wallneuk, are you more likely or less likely to shop there?
Responses: 838
Yes 38%
no 62%


Week 13 – April 14th 2021

Do you believe that there is adequate provision (Clubs, Groups, volunteering activities etc.) within Paisley to give our young people opportunity to direct their energy in a positive way? 
Responses: 41
Yes 22%
no 78%


Week 12 – April 7th 2021

Is it better to retain the RAI, lay derelict and in further decline in the hope it can be saved in the future or should it be demolished to make way for new, modern accommodation?
Responses: 321
Retained 80%
Demolished 20%


Week 11 – March 31st 2021

Should Paisley aspire to be awarded City status or remain as the biggest and best town in Scotland? 
Responses: 237
City 46%
Town 54%


Week 10 – March 24th 2021

Should we consider implementing a 20mph zone in and around Paisley Town Centre to make it safer for people? 
Responses: 84
Yes 50%
No 50%


Week 9 – March 17th 2021

Should Paisley Town Centre Have Community Wardens/Police patrolling our streets and parks to give the community reassurance and a sense of safer? 
Responses: 155
Yes 92%
No 8%


Week 8 – March 10th 2021

Should the public toilets at Dunn Square be reopened? 
Responses: 352
Yes 78%
No 22%


Week 7 – March 3rd 2021

Should Paisley have more community green spaces around the town centre? 
Responses: 110
Yes 95%
No 5%


Week 6 – February 24th 2021

Should Paisley High Street be reopened to environmentally friendly traffic? 
Responses: 105
Yes 29%
No 71%


Week 5 – February 17th 2021

Would a regular Paisley/Renfrewshire traders market be a worthwhile investment and attraction to our town centre?
Responses: 225
Yes 98%
No 2%


Week 4 – February 10th 2021

Would you like to see the Barshaw bandstand brought back, bringing outdoor music and arts events back to Paisley?
Responses: 799
Yes 98%
No 2%


Week 3 – February 3rd 2021

After lockdown, will you be more likely to shop locally in Paisley?
Responses: 81
Yes 76%
No 24%


Week 2 – January 27th 2021

Should the Paisley Piazza Shopping Centre be demolished to open up for development of the riverside?
Responses: 652
Yes 82%
No 18%


Week 1 – January 20th 2021

Should the former Chivas Building on Renfrew Road be demolished to make way for new development on the site?
Responses: 1059
Yes 8%
No 92%
Yes: 80
No: 979